The Augustine Journal

An ongoing log of ideas, happenings, and growth from within the guitar community.


Augustine Strings is often referred to as a “legacy company.” It makes sense - our roots, tracing back nearly 75 years, are intertwined with the history of the guitar and some of its greatest legends, giving our company’s mythology near equal footing with our business.

That is okay by us! After all, Albert Augustine did not develop the nylon guitar string to get into business. He developed his business to share his strings and his passion for the guitar as an instrument, as a means of artistic expression, as a gorgeous physical object, and as a conduit through which a vibrant community’s interests and energy flowed. 

As the folks behind the Augustine brand today, we are happy when business is good, but it is that passion that exists as the heartbeat of our company. 

The legacy of Augustine Strings must continue to grow because the community continues on, stronger than ever, bursting with talent and diversity. Which is why Augustine Strings is proud to introduce this new online journaling platform. On it we will share our story and our products and connect with consumers, because those are things a business must do. But we will be most excited to share in the interest of fellow guitarists, promote the work of guitar societies and music educators who are preparing the next generation of guitarists, and to give a platform to players of every type, experience level, and background.

So count yourself amongst Segovia, Coehlo, Bream, Afshar, Caballero, Su, and Vieaux - because we’re glad to have you with us on the next step of our journey!




Posted [2021-02-04] #history #legacy #guitar #augustine strings