Non-guitar string Augustine branded goodies.

Augustine Strings SoundFile

Augustine Strings is proud to offer a limited edition Augustine SoundFile.

• Engraved Rosewood Handle
• Nanoglass file

Albert Augustine changed the world when he introduced nylon guitar strings in 1947. We believe that the SoundFile’s innovative technology, ease of use, and precision will delight guitarists in a similar way.

From SoundFile:
Unlike common glass nail files which wear quickly and can cause micro-fiber tears weakening the nail, our Nano-Glass files can last up to one year! Our files produce a precision finish without ever compromising nail strength. Common glass files also require additional filing from buffers and papers creating two, three and sometimes a four-step process. In contrast, our exclusive Nano-Glass files can accomplish all rough work, shaping and finishing in one easy step!  Our Nano-Glass technology is measured in nanometers (nm) which is approximately 80,000 times thinner than a human hair.