After making his debut concert in Bergen in 1997 to rave reviews, Tino went deep into his teaching career and has since been the leading Classical Guitar pedagogy figure in the Norwegian scene. Many of the leading young guitarists from Norway today have studied with Tino (Tormund Blikra Vea, Yan Kok, Thomas Heimstad, Thomas Valeur, Nora Gundersen and Lars Rosvoll, just to name a few).  He has been also been a member of the faculty at the School of Art in Bergen and at Langhaugen High School since 1992.

Tino's passion for the instrument and its proliferation led to a one-man effort culminating on the foundation of the Bergen International Guitarfestival in 2004, which has become  a staple in the Scandinavian classical music scene ever since. Artists like Zoran Dukic, David Russell, Duo Assad, Fabio Zanon, Scott Tennant and many more have been featured as guest artists and faculty. Expanding on the success of the Bergen International Guitarfestival, Tino once again expanded the Scandinavian guitar scene by founding the Norwegian Guitar Festival in 2012, where artists such as Lorenzo Michelli, Marcin Dylla, Pablo Marquez, Zoran Dukic and many more have participated as guest artists and faculty.

In 2014 Tino decided to return to the performing stage and has since played recitals in Tuscany (Italy), the United Kingdom and throughout his native Norway. Such tours have been accompanied by master classes at the Norwegian Academy of Music and at the Trinity School of Music in London, where Tino's time remains in high demand by students and faculty.