"Her powerful playing impressed me deeply: she displayed a dynamic range which was incredibly wide yet rich in nuances, a colorful and imaginative musical intelligence, an unusual variety of tones, and an energetic and effective approach to some of the most demanding repertoire in the guitar literature" - Lorenzo Micheli

Shani Inbar was born in 1984 in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Shani started her studies of classical guitar at the age of 10 with Mr. Uri Braha at the Givataim conservatoire.

During her studying she was chosen to play as a soloist with the Givataim strings orchestra, as well as with the symphonic orchestra of Thelma Yallin.

At the end of 2001 she graduated the Givataim Conservatoire with the highest degree, and took private lessons with Mr. Hanan Feinstein in Jerusalem. At 2002 she received a scholarship from the America Israel cultural foundation. 

She participated in Master classes of great artists such as David Russell, Joaquin Clerch, Zoran Dukic, Alvaro Pierri, Ricardo Gallen, Marco Socias, Fabio Zanon, Josef Urshalmi, Carlo Marchione, Marco Tamayo, Hubert Käppel, Tilmann Hopstock and more.

At 2003 she moved to Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany), to study with Prof. Franz Halász in the Music Academy Augsburg- Nürnberg, where she also received classes for old music from Mr. Eduardo Egüez. In July 2007 she received her Diplom with the highest note, and continued to a master degree of performance. At the end of 2007 Shani became the assistant of Prof. Halász. 

Shani Inbar performances in many countries like Spain, Latvia, Greece, Germany, Israel and Japan, as soloist and in Chamber Music groups. 

She has won national and international prestigious competitions, among them:

-1st prize at the "Concurso internacional de guitarra dento del IV encuentro de guitarra clasica Norba Caesarina 2008"

-1st prize at the “classical guitar competition in the memory of Ariane Yerushalmi" 2003.

- Special prize for the best interpretation for Spanish music at the “classical guitar competition in the memory of Ariane Yerushalmi" 2003

-The Samuel – Pierre Tarcali prize for guitar in the "Aviv competition" 2007

-2nd prize and a special prize for the best interpretation for Andalusia music at the "Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Clàsica Comarca El Condado" 2008

-2nd prize at the " VI concurso Internacional de Guitarra Clásica, José Tomás - Villa de Petrer, Juvenil 2007"

-2nd prize at the  "XIII Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Ciudad De Linares- Andrés Segovia" 2006

-3rd prize at the  Certamen Internacional de Guitarra- Andrés Segovia, La Herradura"  2006

-3rd prize at the "Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Clàsica Comarca El Condado" 2007