“I am happy to say that the guitar that Erez Perelman built for me is a magical instrument in every regard and a pleasure to play. ... It is my emotional and artistic opinion that Erez Perelman ranks amongst the top of the finest luthiers today” - Angel Romero


Erez Perelman is an Israel born Luthier that has established himself as a leading guitar builder with his instruments being praised and played by world class guitarists.

"I strive to make guitars that sound great, look great, and are comfortable to play! I begin every instrument with the player in mind. The vision of the guitar they want is something I consider carefully and integrate within my design elements (sound and comfort).   This is where the instrument is truly made unique for the player, in that each guitar is built with specific dimensions and setup designed for the technique of the player.  The result is an extremely responsive and balanced instrument that is a pleasure to play.   No words do justice to the sound." - Erez Perelman