“If you are looking for an original musician and guitarist - here he is !“ - Gitarre & Bass Magazine 

Christian Verspay is an extremely versatile musician on both the electric and the acoustic guitar. He started with the classical guitar but soon founded his first band. The duality and his interest in the most varied styles of music have been the central theme running through his career to this day. This is also reflected in his compositions; by integrating diverse elements in his pieces he tests and pushes boundaries.

Among other projects, Christian Verspay has released three solo albums. All three albums were highly praised by the critics.

He is an outspoken specialist in contemporary music with a focus on the electric guitar and is one of the leading and most innovative guitarists on the scene worldwide in this area - Jazzthetik Magazine describes him as a ...border crosser between the sound worlds of abstract avantgarde and new instrumental mainstream...“

He graduated from the class of Tadashi Sasaki at the Cologne University of Music (HfMT Köln) and attended masterclasses by Roland Dyens, Pavel Steidl, Roberto Aussel, Dale Kavanagh and others.

Concert tours took him to Japan, South America and various European countries. In various projects he cooperated with a wide range of musicians covering diverse styles. Christian Verspay is a welcome guest at festivals and concerts series and his innovative projects have been enthusiastically received by an international audience.