"For what I do, strings that tune quickly and hold are a must. Even brand new Augustines tune up instantly and hold, making my life so much easier!" 

Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, but now living in Berlin, Germany, Geordie is fast building a reputation for his unique approach to composition and new-age percussive guitar. 

Geordie has spent the last few years carving out his own niche in the increasingly cluttered world of contemporary finger style and percussive guitar. But his is something different. Switching between 6 and 8 string nylon flamenco fusion guitars, and mixing a more traditional finger style with his own percussive lap style, he manages to create layered soundscapes, in many ways reminiscent of the ambient looped electronic world he has found himself in in Berlin, albeit a thoroughly acoustic interpretation. Utilizing the guitar as much for its acoustic and percussive properties, as its traditional sound, Geordie introduces the audience to a whole new way of thinking about the instrument and its possibilities.